Laundry tips for travelling

It’s not easy keeping your clothes fresh while your on the go travelling, here’s how you can have clean clothes anywhere!

Research in advance

Often, the best way to do laundry while travelling is to use a laundry service or local launderette. If you know where you’ll be staying, do some research before you travel so you don’t waste holiday time Googling; being prepared also helps you to work out a cost effective option – perfect if you’re on a budget.

D.I.Y wash kit

If you’re happy hand washing clothes while travelling, pack a little wash kit to make life easier. Frequent travelers say that, if the sink in your room is too small, using a carrier bag (in lieu of a bowl) makes it easier to wash clothes in the shower. You could also take a pegless clothes line, which attaches to the walls with suction pads, to save you draping washing over the shower rail or balcony. A solid washing bar is easier to transport than a tub of washing powder.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Go pro

If you’re backpacking (or maybe you just want to tap into the top hack of seasoned travellers), consider buying a Scrubba wash bag. Sold by an Australian brand, the Scrubba is lightweight and can be used anywhere: it has an internal washboard and promises a machine quality wash. Even if you only end up washing workout clothes while travelling, this could be a good investment.

Relax at home

Is holiday washing anyone’s favourite pastime? Beat the post-break blues by using a professional laundry service when you get home. Orderly will collect your holiday washing from your door and, if you need some serious relaxation time after a hectic holiday, you could make use of the ironing service, too.